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           Our Business is Helping You Create, Develop

            and Market Responsible, Winning Products

                   and Programs for Today's Youth.


YMS is a highly specialized consulting firm that assists companies in the Development and Marketing of Responsible and Enriching Products and Programs targeted to youth from birth through the teen years and to their parents.


After more than 25 years of helping companies successfully develop and market youth products and programs, YMS is considered by many of its clients to be:


        “The World’s Leading Experts on

         today’s Kid, Tween and Teen

     Consumers and All-Family Marketing.”


The future of Infant, Child, Tween and Teen  Marketing demands radically new approaches to match exploding technological innovation.


At Youth Market Systems Consulting we are committed to assisting companies in a most daunting task considering the runaway nature of technological change and its impact on consumers. We are committed to help them stay ahead of the curve.


When statistics clearly show that 80% of new products and programs fail or perform below expectations, what’s needed is a definite edge.


The YMS approach is that edge. Standing atop more than 25 years of experience consulting with more than 50 major youth-oriented corporations, YMS is the only consulting company that specializes in the scientific, psychological foundations of child and adolescent development. Young consumers’ needs, perceptions, capabilities, preferences—and ultimately their behaviors—are isolated accurately.


The Result:  Excellence of Execution and a Far Greater Chance of Success.






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PLUS! Also on this site you are provided with a large variety of Models, Checklists and Diagrams that are part of the YMS "Success Toolbox". Click on the headings below to access.


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